Course Schedule

December 11, 2015 by tracymsimmons

This schedule is likely to change!


Week 1: Defining and Understanding News, News budget

Week 2: What is a Preview Story, News photography, guest speaker

Week 3: First story due, Telling the Story, Digital Entrepreneurship

Week 4: The Art of Interviewing

Week 5: Audio Storytelling

Week 6: Attribution, Quotes

Week 7: Leads

Week 8: Second story due, Feature Writing

Week 9: Being an Observer, News writing, Visual story telling

Week 10:  Spring Vacation

Week 11: Third story due, Finding and analyzing trends and data

Week 12: Multimedia Storytelling, holiday

Week 12: Fact Checking, social media story telling

Week 13: Media Law

Week 14: Media ethics

Week 15: Fourth story due, divide into teams

Week 16: Lab Time

Week 17: Final presentations